Financial analysis, reporting & modelling at arm’s length

Financial ARM is the craft of Analysing past, Reporting current and Modelling future financial data. This comprises not only of assessing the company’s stability based on its financial statements, but also its ability to maintain solvency and liquidity as well as other ratios indicating financial long and short term strength. Furthermore, all types of risks endangering future financial ratios need to be analysed and acted upon the modelled estimates of potential future shortcomings.

Financial ARM is engaged in corporate finance, investment finance and quantitative finance in terms of business valuation, capital budgeting, financial planning, portfolio optimization and financial risk modelling.

We are interdisciplinary professionals combining financial expert knowledge with technical skills. This enables us to provide wide range services by ourselves or act as intermediation between operating departments and technical implementation partners. We will perform in-depth analysis of financial data, define management controls, provide financial modelling prototypes and reporting solutions.

We provide financial analysis, reporting and modelling services at arm’s length


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